AARON ANANTA STAENGL ~ Ayurvedic Consultation, Massage & Cooking Classes!

Ayurvedic Consultation ~ Aaron offers 20-60 minute consultations incorporating nutritional, life style, and herbal recommendations as well as a deeper understanding of one’s individual dosha.  $1 per minute.

Ayurvedic or Traditional Massage ~  Aaron is a graduate of the Florida School of Massage and offers a variety of massage techniques including Ayurvedic massage.  Sessions range from 60-90 minutes.  $1 per minute.

Ayurvedic Cooking Class ~ Experiential hands on learning with a delicious meal at the end!

Contact Aaron at aaronananta@yahoo.com.


Kathryn Ashera Rose ~ Multi-modalities

KATHRYN ASHERA ROSE ~ Transformational Retreats, Reiki & Sound Healing, Heart~Spirit Alignment Sessions, Weddings & Life Events Ministry, Dances of Universal Peace 

Transformational Retreats are guided by Ashera and others at Anahata ~ see our retreat descriptions here!  RETREATS AT ANAHATA

Reiki & Sound Healing ~ Kathryn Ashera Rose has been a Reiki Master since 2008, and offers half hour to hour long sessions utilizing Reiki and quartz crystal healing bowls as well as song and toning  We create a quantum field of grace around the body, enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities.  The template of health is restored, gently moving the body toward maximal health.  Client reclines on a massage table, remaining fully clothed.  Hands are both on the body and a short distance away from the body.

  “I am so grateful for a wonderful healing experience with Ashera that helped a long standing problem that had been getting worse for some time.  Working with her increased my  confidence to believe all was possible and indeed I am experiencing lasting improvement since that time.  It’s hard to express how much it means to be liberated from a situation that interfered with the enjoyment of my life.”  PL

Heart-Spirit Alignment Sessions ~ Transformational sessions bring us more fully into our soul alignment and  highest expression.  Participants focus on next steps in our life path, deepening self-connection, clarity of purpose, and empowering skills for working through issues within oneself and with others.  A variety of techniques are explored, including deep empathy/non-violent communication modalities, meditation, visualization, breathwork and working with the elements of nature.  These sessions can be in-person or online, techniques can be incorporated into a day or days-long individual retreat. Sliding scale $60-120, depending on circumstances and length of process.

Weddings & Life Events Ministry ~ Create a unique ceremony for your important event!  WEDDINGS & LIFE EVENTS

Dances of Universal Peace ~ Kathryn Ashera has been dancing all her life, and found the Dances of Universal Peace at age 20!  She is a mentor-teacher of the Dances of Universal Peace, conducting circles and mentoring dance leaders in training.  She shares these dances to groups to heighten joy, transformation, connection, and to potentize the peace potential! : )  Click to learn more about the Dances of Universal Peace.  

Contact Kathryn Ashera to explore the possibilities!

571-422-3024  ~ kathrynashera@gmail.com


VALERIE STANTON ~ Energy Work, Gentle Yoga, Intuitive Readings

Valerie is a certified Reiki Master and 230 Hour Yoga Teaching Graduate. She is an amateur herbalist and Ayurveda enthusiast. Her grounded, compassionate nature creates the safe container needed for your healing transformation. Her methods of energy healing are tailored to meet you exactly where you are in your journey. No one is turned away for lack of funds — contact her if you are need of a sliding scale or trade.

Intuitive Energy Work & Reiki:

These sessions are a harmonious blend of traditional Reiki, chakra balancing, sound healing (chanting, singing, crystal singing bowls), guided visualization, suggested breath work, relaying of messages from guides, angels & ancestors, and other intuitive healing methods.  Sessions and pricing range from $30 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes and  $75 for 90 minutes. Book a 3 session series for $150.

Gentle Yoga + Energy Work:

Integrate gentle, mindful yoga poses with renewing reiki in a personalized yoga session. Collaborate with Valerie to set your intention and choose a slow flow or restorative style, learning healing tools to take home with you. Luxuriate in a savasana steeped in a healing sound bath and/or a reiki session. Contact her to inquire about pricing.

Intuitive + Oracle Card Readings:

Are you looking for guidance on your spiritual journey? Gain clarity and support as Valerie blends channeled messages from spirit with an oracle card reading. Add on to any other healing session for $10 or book a 30 minute session for $30.

~ free initial phone consultation! ~
To explore whether Valerie’s offerings are a good fit for you,
learn more, or schedule an appointment, call or text Valerie.
(612) 716-3298 ~ Valerieestanton@gmail.com.

Dances of Universal Peace Deepening

just prior to our Sacred River Gathering!  . . . . 

Dances of Universal Peace Retreat

A Deepening for Dance Leaders, Dancers & Musicians

At the Anahata Retreat & Education Center

August 6 – 8, 2019

Deepen in the sacred elements of embodied prayer, sound,

energy, stillness, breath, presence and attunement

as well as polishing skills in voice, presentation,

musicianship, and group facilitation.

New, old and foundational dances included!


With Kathryn Ashera Rose, Mentor-Teacher & Other Experienced Dance Leaders

 Commute or onsite air-conditioned accommodations ~ exquisite organic food!


9 am Tuesday through 5 pm Thursday

With open time for restoration/play, reflection and integration


For mentored leaders, certified leaders, dance mentors,

those considering taking up dance leadership, and experienced/devoted dancers.


Anahata is a serene riverside retreat & nature sanctuary

in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, Virginia.

River swims, kayaking, nature walks!


To register go to:  https://forms.gle/DGWgwBh4m3bgYe9r7



 KathrynAshera@gmail.com /  571-422-3024



Exploring Consciousness: A Monroe Institute Workshop

It’s time! We’ve been keeping this relatively quiet, but we’re ready to let everyone know! The hemi-sync technology we will experience during and beyond this weekend is a powerful way to expand awareness and open up deeper levels of consciousness in a sustained way — to facilitate profound realizations, experiences and shifts. And you will take all these tools with you! We could say more, but we would love you to come experience for yourself. Take a weekend to be enveloped in the beauty of nature, enjoy delicious healthy meals, and experience these profound tools, all while basking in the loving support of one another. Come transform with us!

A weekend of consciousness exploration, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

When: June 29-30, 2019
Where: Anahata Education Center, Floyd, VA
Facilitators: Ellen Jones-Walker & Tip Walker, Monroe Institute Trainers (keyquest@swva.net)
Cost: $255 (includes Hemi-Sync® audio exercises, empowering activities, manual, lunch, take-home CD, and $200 discount on a Monroe Institute residential program)
❺ Journey into expanded states of consciousness to better understand your Total Self and to access your untapped inner resources. Experience expanded states that generally require 20+ years of dedicated meditative practice to realize. Learn effective techniques for releasing limiting patterns, healing self and others, accessing guidance, and dissociating at will from your physical body. Return home with the experience, knowledge, and skills to realize more of your potential and to enhance your everyday life.
❻ Information and registration:


Exploring Consciousness ~ a Monroe Institute Workshop

Exploring Consciousness Anahata 2019.jpg

A weekend of consciousness exploration,

self-discovery, and personal transformation!

June 29-30, 2019 at Anahata Education Center, Floyd, VA

~ Journey into expanded states of consciousness to better understand your Total Self and to access your untapped inner resources.

~ Experience expanded states that generally require 20+ years of dedicated meditative practice to realize.

~ Learn effective techniques for releasing limiting patterns, healing self and others, accessing guidance, and dissociating at will from your physical body.

~ Return home with the experience, knowledge, and skills to realize more of your potential and to enhance your everyday life.

Facilitators: Ellen Jones-Walker & Tip Walker, Monroe Institute Trainers (keyquest@swva.net)

Cost: $255 (includes Hemi-Sync® audio exercises, empowering activities, manual, lunch, take-home CD, and $200 discount on a Monroe Institute residential program)

Information and registration:


You can ‘commute’ or stay on-site at Anahata with breakfasts and dinner included!  Contact KathrynAshera@gmail.com AFTER you have registered for the event.


Triple Goddess Retreat

Triple Goddess Retreat Flyer

REGISTER HERE! https://forms.gle/sTwpgtsqirGwtNFEA

Begins with arrival Friday afternoon, August 9th to settle into your space, walk the land.  Ends Sunday at 3:00 pm ~ optional extra time/overnight can be spent in integration!


carol irelandCarol Campbell, MA, travels regionally as a teaching artist and lecturer. Her contributions include award winning theatrical projects and published works aimed at ending gender oppression. Her commitment to broadcasting, performance and education is framed in social justice work.  Currently, Carol is a professor of the humanities at Germanna Community College, a radio host for the hit music and talk show, Music Alley, WERA 96.7FM in Arlington.  www.carolleecampbell.com  703/901-9010  ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x57Bs-V4PDc&feature=share

AshSoundHEalingAshley Cash is a singer, sound healer, musician, and artist.  She performs a range of musical offerings from ambient soundscape journeys to concerts featuring a signature blend of folk, rock, world, and new age music.  Ashley also presents workshops that weave together science and spirituality, sound and vibrational healing, metaphysics, and mysticism.  Ashley holds a B.A. degree in Cultural Anthropology from George Mason University focusing on mythology, psychology, eastern religion, and philosophy. She has been involved in extensive private studies in the areas of yoga, energy healing, shamanism, and sound healing. Ashley and her husband Jim are currently touring nationally and internationally under the musical name, Woven Green.  Woven Green has released multiple fan-funded albums that are available to download on digital download and streaming platforms and through their website wovengreenmusic.com

Katie Wells Bio PhotoKatie Wells teaches Somatics, Modern Dance, and Dance Appreciation at Radford University and is the founder of Interweave®, a movement meditation practice. Since earning degrees in Dance from Columbia College Chicago and the University of Colorado at Boulder, she has been certified in Spiritual Embodiment from the Realization Process and is currently training to be a teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion. Katie has led opening ceremonies and workshops for both Floyd Fest and Yoga Jam; as well as, leading ecstatic dance and Goddess Retreats in the SWVA community.

Christina DiEnoChristina DiEno has had a full career as a community organizer, midwife, homeopath and herbalist. She is available as a mentor and counselor for women and families, and hosts a new moon ceremony every month as she has for over 45 years. She will be offering a glimpse into the Women’s Wheel of Life, as developed by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard with particular emphasis on the view from her quadrant of Wisdom.

Leia Jones Bio PhotoLeia Jones has a degree in Dance and Choreography from Hollins University, and a teaching certificate in Hatha Yoga. She is designing yoga teacher trainings within her new yoga school.  Leia’s personal practice is rooted in the unification of yoga and dance. Through this combination she brings mindfulness to movement inspiring us to quiet the mind, come deep into the body, and connect to our joyful-spirit.

Kathryn Ashera Rose Bio PhotoKathryn Ashera Rose is an interfaith minister, mentor teacher of the Dances of Universal Peace, author/teacher peace skills, Reiki and healing sound practitioner, retreat guide, and lifelong songstress and dancer. She has directed programs for adults and youth in religious, educational and community settings.


KatieLu Wryn

Katie Lu Wryn Roberts is a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, professional caterer, and is currently pursuing certifications in yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle.  Wryn will be catering the retreat, offering her songs and wisdom, and offering massage during open times and after the retreat.  





For the past few years, every spring through early fall, we’ve had the opportunity to work and play with some extraordinary people. Our interns find us — some through Workaway, others through WWOOF.org. others through pure ingenuity! We get together, sometimes for a few weeks, sometimes for a few months, but in short . . .

We create together! What do we create? Beauty, structure, art, sustainability, permaculture gardens, building additions, goddess gardens, rock and earth sculptures, fences, landscapes, murals, events, beautiful spaces to live and dream in, dreamcatchers, fountains, pathways, staircases, orchards, greenhouse roofs, mushroom beds, a full root cellar, a pantry lined with canned tomatoes and applesauce, and unforgettable connections. We grow fruits, flowers, vegetables, chicks. We create amazingly nutritious delicious meals for each other.

We adventure! We take field trips, short journeys, enjoy Floyd culture, volunteer at local festivals like FloydFest and Floyd Yoga Jam. We laugh, have deep conversations, play music, go dancing, do yoga together, sometimes have family and friends visit, drum and fire spin, have fire circles, swim in the river, listen to our soul impulses and sometimes dive deeply into spiritual practice.

Everyone shares their gifts, works hard, learns a lot, and hopefully grows as a person inside.

Our wonderful intern, Loryn Fujinami, created an insider’s view of her experience here at Anahata in the summer of 2020. Thank you Loryn! Enjoy, everyone! https://youtu.be/Jt8Lt_CpUaQ

Here’s another brief video featuring our friend and former intern Sarah Felts, who is now a neighbor.  https://youtu.be/A340dyt9qlU

Here are some photos of prior year adventures!  Contact us for more specifics and possible opportunities.

IMG_1264IMG_1324IMG_1251IMG_1143IMG_1085IMG_1127IMG_1157IMG_1048IMG_2841IMG_20170901_100938854Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 9.57.18 AM


Men’s Fall Equinox Retreat 2019

Hold the date now for our second annual Men’s Fall Equinox Retreat

September 20 – 22, 2019 at Anahata Education & Retreat Center

More details to follow soon!



Transforming His-Story: Men’s Spring Equinox Retreat 2019What: Transformative Men’s Retreat
When: March 22-24, 2019
Where: Anahata Education Center, Floyd VA
Cost: $230 includes lodging, meals, and participation in the retreat. Reduced rates for campers or commuters. Partial scholarships may be available upon request.

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of YOU taking retreat, so you can return to your life more resourced, clear, confident and fulfilled. Join together in an intimate intergenerational group of like-hearted, committed and experienced men for 3 powerful days of personal growth, self discovery, shadow work, dance, play, music making, sharing and storytelling. We are stronger together than we are in isolation!

Heal your ancestral shadow; Find your voice in song, resonant sound and healing music!

Click here to register:  MEN’S SPRING EQUINOX RETREAT

Men's Retreat 2019 Flyer