Kathryn Ashera Rose ~ Multi-modalities

KATHRYN ASHERA ROSE ~ Transformational Retreats, Reiki & Sound Healing, Heart~Spirit Alignment Sessions, Weddings & Life Events Ministry, Dances of Universal Peace 

Transformational Retreats are guided by Ashera and others at Anahata ~ see our retreat descriptions here!  RETREATS AT ANAHATA

Reiki & Sound Healing ~ Kathryn Ashera Rose has been a Reiki Master since 2008, and offers half hour to hour long sessions utilizing Reiki and quartz crystal healing bowls as well as song and toning  We create a quantum field of grace around the body, enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities.  The template of health is restored, gently moving the body toward maximal health.  Client reclines on a massage table, remaining fully clothed.  Hands are both on the body and a short distance away from the body.

  “I am so grateful for a wonderful healing experience with Ashera that helped a long standing problem that had been getting worse for some time.  Working with her increased my  confidence to believe all was possible and indeed I am experiencing lasting improvement since that time.  It’s hard to express how much it means to be liberated from a situation that interfered with the enjoyment of my life.”  PL

Heart-Spirit Alignment Sessions ~ Transformational sessions bring us more fully into our soul alignment and  highest expression.  Participants focus on next steps in our life path, deepening self-connection, clarity of purpose, and empowering skills for working through issues within oneself and with others.  A variety of techniques are explored, including deep empathy/non-violent communication modalities, meditation, visualization, breathwork and working with the elements of nature.  These sessions can be in-person or online, techniques can be incorporated into a day or days-long individual retreat. Sliding scale $60-120, depending on circumstances and length of process.

Weddings & Life Events Ministry ~ Create a unique ceremony for your important event!  WEDDINGS & LIFE EVENTS

Dances of Universal Peace ~ Kathryn Ashera has been dancing all her life, and found the Dances of Universal Peace at age 20!  She is a mentor-teacher of the Dances of Universal Peace, conducting circles and mentoring dance leaders in training.  She shares these dances to groups to heighten joy, transformation, connection, and to potentize the peace potential! : )  Click to learn more about the Dances of Universal Peace.  

Contact Kathryn Ashera to explore the possibilities!

571-422-3024  ~ kathrynashera@gmail.com

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