Dances of Universal Peace Deepening

just prior to our Sacred River Gathering!  . . . . 

Dances of Universal Peace Retreat

A Deepening for Dance Leaders, Dancers & Musicians

At the Anahata Retreat & Education Center

August 6 – 8, 2019

Deepen in the sacred elements of embodied prayer, sound,

energy, stillness, breath, presence and attunement

as well as polishing skills in voice, presentation,

musicianship, and group facilitation.

New, old and foundational dances included!


With Kathryn Ashera Rose, Mentor-Teacher & Other Experienced Dance Leaders

 Commute or onsite air-conditioned accommodations ~ exquisite organic food!


9 am Tuesday through 5 pm Thursday

With open time for restoration/play, reflection and integration


For mentored leaders, certified leaders, dance mentors,

those considering taking up dance leadership, and experienced/devoted dancers.


Anahata is a serene riverside retreat & nature sanctuary

in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, Virginia.

River swims, kayaking, nature walks!


To register go to: /  571-422-3024


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