Exploring Consciousness ~ a Monroe Institute Workshop

Exploring Consciousness Anahata 2019.jpg

A weekend of consciousness exploration,

self-discovery, and personal transformation!

June 29-30, 2019 at Anahata Education Center, Floyd, VA

~ Journey into expanded states of consciousness to better understand your Total Self and to access your untapped inner resources.

~ Experience expanded states that generally require 20+ years of dedicated meditative practice to realize.

~ Learn effective techniques for releasing limiting patterns, healing self and others, accessing guidance, and dissociating at will from your physical body.

~ Return home with the experience, knowledge, and skills to realize more of your potential and to enhance your everyday life.

Facilitators: Ellen Jones-Walker & Tip Walker, Monroe Institute Trainers (keyquest@swva.net)

Cost: $255 (includes Hemi-Sync® audio exercises, empowering activities, manual, lunch, take-home CD, and $200 discount on a Monroe Institute residential program)

Information and registration:


You can ‘commute’ or stay on-site at Anahata with breakfasts and dinner included!  Contact KathrynAshera@gmail.com AFTER you have registered for the event.

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