Come Visit

GUEST VISITS:  We welcome guests, and especially encourage those who resonate with our visions and values! Visiting Anahata may be your first step in exploring a deeper connection with the Anahata community.

If space is available, short term visits lasting from one night to up to four weeks or longer may be arranged. Longer stays receive a discounted rate. Guests can contact us directly or book a stay through AirBnB at the following link:

Book Online at AirBnB or a Personal Retreat on our website.

Or contact Kathryn Ashera directly for details and availability.

email:  cell: 571-422-3024

“Ashera and Luke’s home is much much more. It’s a learning community that wraps it’s arms around you. Welcoming and inclusive, their property and home were food for the soul. ”

“Kathryn was such a wonderful host and this retreat center was just what we needed! The main room has a spectacular high ceiling and beautiful exposed beams, there seemed to be so many rooms and places for everyone to sleep, the back deck overlooks the mountain, and the river was so fun for everyone to swim in. The decor is very eclectic and beautiful and everything was so clean and well stocked with all amenities we needed. Kathryn was super responsive and considerate of all our needs which was a total bonus! Thank you for letting us stay there and I would definitely recommend it to others.”


We ask that you treat Anahata’s land, facilities, people, animals, and nature with respect, kindness and gentleness.

We have the following guidelines and rules.

  • Please respect the privacy of other guests and residents.
  • At all times, keep music and sound relatively soft.
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am.
  • No pets, except in specific circumstances with prior permission.
  • No smoking, no drugs, no illegal substances or activities on the property.
  • Practice safety at all times, especially when in or around the river, hot tub, at a fire circle, etc. Please go over some safety rules with children of any age, carefully supervise children, and assist young children around water, stairs and other potentially hazardous areas.
  • Please drive slowly and carefully, as we have bunnies, pets and small children on the land. Please park in designated areas.
  • Please be sure to get approval for any additional visitors in advance.
  • When walking or hiking, please stay on Anahata property and public roadways. We have been asked not to walk downstream from Anahata onto neighboring properties. Please limit walks to the Anahata property, roads, and we currently have permission to walk upstream from the river kitchen for about ½ mile – to the rapids area.
  • When using the hot tub, please shower first, and do not take food or drink into the hot tub. Please use with care, especially if you have conditions that require you to take it easy. Listen to your body and get out when you feel over-heated!
  • Please clean up after yourself when using kitchen facilities, and generally keep your space and other areas that you use neat and clean. We appreciate your leaving spaces nicer than when you entered them!
  • Feel free to follow your inspiration in helping out with projects, gardening or the like while you are here. However, be sure to ask and get community member approval before overhauling anything! : ) Feel free to participate in community potluck dinners, work parties, singing circles, etc.

We will strive to maintain open communication and sensitivity to your needs. If however, you find you are not happy with your visit, or we find we are not happy with the visit, either you or Anahata can elect to end the visit.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Here’s to a wonderful visit!

Trails at Anahata