Exploring Consciousness: A Monroe Institute Workshop

It’s time! We’ve been keeping this relatively quiet, but we’re ready to let everyone know! The hemi-sync technology we will experience during and beyond this weekend is a powerful way to expand awareness and open up deeper levels of consciousness in a sustained way — to facilitate profound realizations, experiences and shifts. And you will take all these tools with you! We could say more, but we would love you to come experience for yourself. Take a weekend to be enveloped in the beauty of nature, enjoy delicious healthy meals, and experience these profound tools, all while basking in the loving support of one another. Come transform with us!

A weekend of consciousness exploration, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

When: June 29-30, 2019
Where: Anahata Education Center, Floyd, VA
Facilitators: Ellen Jones-Walker & Tip Walker, Monroe Institute Trainers (keyquest@swva.net)
Cost: $255 (includes Hemi-Sync® audio exercises, empowering activities, manual, lunch, take-home CD, and $200 discount on a Monroe Institute residential program)
❺ Journey into expanded states of consciousness to better understand your Total Self and to access your untapped inner resources. Experience expanded states that generally require 20+ years of dedicated meditative practice to realize. Learn effective techniques for releasing limiting patterns, healing self and others, accessing guidance, and dissociating at will from your physical body. Return home with the experience, knowledge, and skills to realize more of your potential and to enhance your everyday life.
❻ Information and registration:

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