Throughout the year we host private and group yoga retreats. Yoga Retreats are a wonderful way to slow down, center, cleanse and re-align with your deeper purpose and truth. Anahata is a lovely, calm site to have a healing journey or transformational adventure. Maybe you are needing to reset, take some time for rest, creative expression, or renewal of clarity and purpose.  Retreats at Anahata encourage slowing down, going within, and provide opportunity to immerse yourself in the healing and serenity of nature.

Individualized Attention

Each private retreat can be customize to your individual needs around daily routine. They typically begin with a private morning yoga class. The class can be aimed to aid in balancing your dosha, or areas of excess. For example, if you are needing more flexibility and to build more strength and stamina, a vinyasa flow class may be offered or if relaxation and slowing down is what’s most healing, a restorative yin class might be more appropriate.

Typical Schedule


4:00 pm Arrival – settling in, creating sacred space, tour/nature walk, walk labyrinth

6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Guided Meditation


9:00 am Private Yoga Class

10:20 am Breakfast

11:00 Ayurvedic Coaching Session

1:30 pm Lunch

2:30 Land Walk

4:00 pm 90 minute Massage

6:20 pm Dinner 

7:30 pm Sound Bath


9:00 am Private Yoga Class

10:20 am Breakfast and River Float

1:30 pm Lunch

3:00 pm Reiki Session

4:30 Closing Reflections

Couples Deepening

Add a partner to your retreat for just a small increase (if shared room) and create a memory together that builds intimacy and shared sense of adventure. Our retreat guides specialize in Non-Violent Communication practices that can help with expressing our universal feelings and needs in life. Partner yoga and trust exercises can be added to the retreat to deepen connection and expand comfort zones.

Silent Retreat

Have your own practices? Just need to get away, unplug and go into the stillness. Our silent retreats can be an amazing opportunity to go within and let go.