Anahata is a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community!  If you would like to get to know us, please consider being a visitor, event participant,volunteer, short term guest, or work-exchange participant.  We also host people taking sabbaticals, artistic or writing retreats, or deeply transformational personal retreats.  Here are some of the options!

FRIEND OF ANAHATA:  Participates in community events and activities, is usually on our mailing list, and generally aligns with Anahata’s vision and objectives.  Supports the community through any of the following: their presence at events, offering of their talents and time, regular visits, donations of needed materials or dollars.

VOLUNTEERS: We take good care of our volunteers and enjoy working together! Volunteers may get discounts or free admission to events, or overnight stays in exchange for support.

SHORT-TERM GUEST:  As spaces are available, we often host short-term guests resonant with our community for an overnight, a few days, week, partial month, month or longer. Our rates vary ~ contact us to discuss this!  Meal plans may be negotiable.

WORK-EXCHANGE PARTICIPANT: This is a short term residency for individuals interested in making a difference at Anahata while learning more about community living. We consider this a cultural exchange, so a person making this exchange would live at and participate in Anahata culture in exchange for 4 hours of work per day, for a total of 24 hours per week (can be condensed with days/weekends off) or another mutually agreed upon exchange. Delicious meals are also provided — the plan usually involves making one’s own breakfast and lunch with abundantly supplied foods – often leftovers from our dinners, and participating in community dinners.  Participant will collaborate with community members on some projects~ we enjoy working in teams ~ in the areas of permaculture, green building, beautification, events, creating wonderful meals, or childcare.  Attendance at community meetings, music-making, singing circles, classes, learning times, and community celebrations is not required but is encouraged.


Please see our retreat page for a fuller idea of our transformational offerings!

The Anahata Membership Journey In Depth

Membership in the Anahata Community is a journey with several dimensions and stages that unfold over time. It requires a soul-calling to engage with Anahata’s vision and mission, self-awareness and positive working relationships with community members, and an active embracing of community guidelines and agreements.

Prospective Member

Prospective members go through a courtship phase, which would ideally and generally take the following form. A local person would be able to come and go more frequently and briefly with ease. A person coming from a distance would condense things somewhat. These are the ideal steps of the process and not always strictly followed. After each stage, there is a pause and time for reflection/evaluation. At any time during the process, if something isn’t resonating for either the prospective member, or the community, either can initiate a meeting to discuss it, and either can decide that it not working and terminate the process.

  • An interested applicant/inquirer writes an email or letter, calls or visits. They arrange to have a conversation with Luke, Ashera or another core member or members. This is an initial getting to know you conversation, either in person (if local) or over the phone if non-local. This ‘interview’ will generally follow the questions on the applicant letter of interest. The interviewer shares impressions with the community. If it seems resonant to proceed . . .
  • If local to Floyd, make one or a series of visits to Anahata for activities, classes, meals, projects and celebrations. It is greatly encouraged to volunteer for projects or committees so that we can experience your passions, skills and ways of connecting and working with others.
  • During this visit, have a full Anahata tour and orientation, given by a resident member.
  • These give the essential agreements and guidelines of life at Anahata. If it seems resonant to proceed . .
  • Fill out and return to us the letter of intention, which encompasses such questions as “briefly describe yourself, your interests, what attracts you to Anahata, what about the area of Floyd draws you, what has been your experience with group living”, etc. Send the letter and it will be reviewed by the membership team. If it seems resonant to proceed . . .
  • Arrange a visit to Anahata, staying overnight for 1 – 2 days, allowing us a chance to get to know each other. Participate in meals, projects, meetings and whatever other activities are happening. You will have a community buddy who will guide and support your visit. If it seems resonant to proceed . . .
  • Review Anahata core documents such as the IEP process, vision-mission-goals, etc. Talk with your buddy/core member(s) to ask any questions and reflect on the culture of Anahata and how it may fit your goals. Decide if it seems mutually beneficial to continue to explore the relationship. If it seems resonant to proceed . . .
  • Get to know the community as a whole. Time to ask questions and really share who you are! If it seems resonant to proceed . . .
  • Set up a time to visit for 1-3 weeks, participating in community life. Fill out the Anahata IEP and go over it with a core member/mentor(s). This can happen in a series of meetings or stages and essentially guides a fuller orientation to and understanding of Anahata policies and guidelines for community life.
  • After the visit, it’s important for both sides to reflect, so we usually require that the potential member go somewhere else for a month (four weeks). If it seems resonant to proceed . . .

New Member

  • Identify a more permanent community mentor/buddy as a guide and advocate. Have weekly check ins and periodic (monthly) reviews to see how your time here is unfolding. Provisional members are asked to log their community service hours for the first year. We encourage you to try out all aspects of Anahata, and to slowly identify your niches.
  • Around the time of your one-year residence, a membership review will occur in which mutual feedback, suggestions, guidance and requests can be made by the individual and the community, and a decision is made about whether to continue on as a new member is mutually beneficial.

Core Member

  • After residing at Anahata for a period of one year or longer, a new member may request to become a core member of the community. This person has lived at Anahata, fully participating in community life for at least one year, and has a degree of development and fulfillment (ongoing) within each facet of their ‘Individual Evolutionary Plan’. Their evolving life choices harmonize and dovetail with the needs, vision and objectives of Anahata.  Their roles and responsibilities in the community have deepened and matured, and their commitment is strong. This requires a consensus or modified consensus vote with a 90% majority vote.
  • HAVE ANNUAL OR PERIODIC REFLECTION PROCESSES with a community buddy/core member. This is a time to share and receive feedback lovingly but honestly to be sure we are all still growing, learning, and thriving.


  • REQUEST TO BECOME A TRUSTEE/OWNER: After two or more years, one can request a review and planning process to become a Trustee/Owner. The particulars of this status are being developed. Trustee status will tie into the unfoldment of Anahata as a land trust, enable the trustee to either own or long-term-lease land, construct their own housing on that land, and be a legal steward of the land trust along with other trustees. Becoming a trustee involves a financial investment, which is either be a lump sum, or is paid over time. Trustee status is confirmed by the consensus of the other trustee-owners of the community.  Trustees are the cornerstone of the community, and have responsibility for making key decisions in the ongoing well-being of the community, preserving the future of Anahata into perpetuity or dissolving it if it is no longer fulfilling its mission.  They are able to inspire, guide and mentor others on the path of membership.

Exit Process

If, at any time, it is determined that being at Anahata is no longer working well for a member or the community, and reasonable attempts to remediate the situation are not successful, a member or the community may request an exit process. If the parties agree, an exit interview with opportunity for feedback and reflection will be conducted. If a dwelling has been built or bought by the member, the community will provide assistance in helping the member sell the dwelling, or if desired and possible, the community itself will purchase the dwelling.