Tanner Star-Tree

Tanner Star-Tree

Tanner Star-Tree holds a myriad of integrative tools and modalities that are often personalized and specialized for unique individuals, groups, and spaces. He has lived among Himalayan yogis and swamis of India, working with Kundalini Shavaism and Egyptian Alchemy meditations and numerous breathwork modalities for over 12 years. He then spent 4 years living, volunteering, working and studying under numerous medicine men and women in Peru and Ecuador. Through the traditional portals of the 4, 7, and 9 day vision quests and sacred Sun dances he has been initiated as a firekeeper, water pourer, and guide through the Sacred Fire. He is adopted by the Rosebud branch of the Lakota Sioux as a federally recognized Native American medicine man. He works with the Q’ero Peruvian cosmology, chakana medicine wheel and mesa bundle as a foundation for his own and collective work as passed down to him through the lineage of his teachers and soul family in the Bouquet of Light.

Tanner sees his time at Anahata as a profound opportunity to assist in the anchoring of plasma light codes into the New Earth. Here, some of the services he offers are: private individual energy sessions and channelings; group Q’ero Mesa building classes; luminous body work group workshops; sweat lodge, cacao, water, and fire ceremonies; cacao intiatory dietas and classes; gentle vision quests (without psychedelics); altar, permaculture, and intentional landscape design; shamanic journeying in group transmissions and workshops; first nations’ sacred dances; among other tools, services and modalities uniquely interwoven in each authentic moment.

Tanner’s Reiki/Energywork Sessions are $120 for 90 minutes. Other services/sessions can be arranged through meeting with Tanner.

Contact Tanner at 1-417-708-3870 invisiblesoundscape@gmail.com or find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Middle.Erth