Licensed Massage Therapist, Massage, Somatic Bodywork, Reiki

Hello! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing nervous system-oriented bodywork that is ideal for those experiencing chronic pain or anxiety, or anyone who seeks a deeply attuned session with a thorough, sensitive therapist. I draw from multiple modalities in my work; I can deliver any level of pressure from deep to light, and incorporate stretching and assisted movement exercises as well.

I offer two types of massage sessions . . .

Nervous System Oriented Massage—my “standard” massage offering, great for those looking to relieve muscle tension, relax, and find relief from chronic pain. Includes optional heat pads and aromatherapy for no extra charge!

Somatic Bodywork—Drawing from Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing, this light touch bodywork is for people looking to quiet their nervous system and work on emotional regulation.

REIKI – I recently became Reiki certified, and will soon be offering 60 minute Reiki sessions as well.

Hands-on bodywork sessions at Anahata are $90/60 min and $120/90To book a session, please contact me directly. My phone number is 540 449 9690.

More information about my practice can be found on my website:


I’m so excited to be able to offer my skills to the Floyd community!