Got Beauty?? The Artistic Adventure is on!

Hi Everyone!  We’ve just solidified our daily schedule of adventures for the next 10 days of artistic adventure!  Drop in for a class or two, or dive in for a life-changing immersion in the midst of our nature sanctuary.




9:00 – 9:30 am at the Celebration Space


9:30 am – 10:00 am at the Celebration Space or Outdoors

Deepen your journey with centering, reflections,

connection and creativity igniters – open to all class participants!

MORNING ART CLASSES – see full schedule below!

10:00 am – 12:00 noon at the River Arts Studio

$15 drop-in fee per class

LUNCH 12:30 – bring your own or pay $10 for a delicious healthy lunch ~ with advance notice if possible, please!


2:00-5:00 pm at various locations on the Anahata land

$15 for use of the river studio and art materials

Continue the morning’s focus, pursue your own projects, or participate in a guided experience!


MORNING ART CLASSES ~ 10:00 am–12:00 noon
Monday, August 6th ~ Introduction: Setting Our Journey Into Motion– through movement, visualization and christening our very own art journal we will set sacred intention for our journey as artists – weaving nature, spirit, and personal expression!
Tuesday, August 7th ~ Watercolor Techniques with Jamielie Tarrago: Mixing, gradients, brush techniques, oriental brush strokes and more. Learn how to both control watercolor and allow it to do its magic!
Wednesday, August 8th ~ Landscape Sculpting with Zane Ancheta: create outdoor livingscapes with mounded chairs, benches and more by sculpting the earth. Bring gloves, old clothes!
Thursday, August 9th ~ DreamWeavings with Jen and Ashley – grapevine hoops, frames, twine, feathers and stones interweave to create sacred energy portals such as dreamcatchers!
Friday, August 10th ~ Di-Vine Creations! Sculpting with vine, wood, stone, wire and clay with Bradley Carter & Jamielie Tarrago:   Create a walking stick, abstract sculpture, or something else – perhaps adding beads, leather, wire and symbols
Saturday, August 11th ~ Abstract Color Exploration with Acrylics with Jamielie Tarrago: A dynamic exploration of color theory and design composition as well as practice in mixing tints, tones, and shades from pure colors as well as noticing the effect color has on perspective, dimension, and texture.  Artists will have one or two designs  to complete at home and more knowledge of design elements and principles.
Sunday, August 12th ~ Visionary Self-Portrait with Aaron Staengl: A mystical look at oneself and one’s life journey with symbolic images surrounding a self-portrait. Multi-media. Including Pencil, watercolor, collage
Monday, August 13th ~ Orgonite Creations with Patrice Good: Create your own sacred orgone generator in a sequenced process created by Willhelm Reich using four power ingredients – copper coils, quartz crystals, shaved metal and resin in the shape of your choice.   Results in a visually stunning handheld orgonite device that draws in energizing life force, creates a balancing and protective shield, and neutralizes negative energies such as electromagnetic frequencies. $20 fee includes materials
Tuesday, August 14th ~ Life Drawing with Zane Ancheta: Still life creations using pencil and charcoal.
Wednesday, August 15th ~ Ink Painting with Jamielie Tarrago: Explore dilutions, gradients, 3-D effects, using black India ink, brushes and found tools, such as feathers, flowers, sticks and leaves
Thursday, August 16th ~ Completion of Projects ~ Open Time
Friday, August 17th ~ Completion of Projects ~ Open Time
Saturday, August 18th ~ Living Gallery Appreciation Celebration! A reflective and empowering celebration of our artistic journey! We will move through the living gallery of our creations, appreciating each person’s growth, contributions and creations.



2:00-5:00 pm at various locations on the Anahata land

Continue the morning’s focus, pursue your own projects,

or participate in one of the following guided experiences!

$10 for lunch; $15 for use of studio & materials;

Tree of Life Mural(with Jamielie Tarrago & others) Paint a 6-foot tall ‘Tree of Life Mandala’ mural that will greet people as they arrive at Anahata.

Elements of Nature Landscape Art – Sculpt a multi-level magical oasis using earth, cement, clay, stone, plants, wood, water, and other natural elements – may include stone mosaics, driftwood borders, rock-wire sculptures, pathways, rustic seats (with Jamilie Tarrago, Garren Murdoch & others)

DreamWeavings – create woven outdoor masterpieces with branches, twine, vines, and more (with Jen & Ashley!)

Rustic Creations with Bradley Carter and Garren Murdoch: Help make a vine and wood arbor, decorative fence sections, outdoor furniture and more with these creative craftsmen!

Sacred Geometry Yurt Art (with Jamielie Tarrago and others) Paint with golden lines of light as we continue to explore sacred geometric forms and symbols.

Tile Mosaic (with the team) Transform an ordinary cinderblock wall into a magical landscape with paint and tile mosaics!


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