The summer of 2018 is fulfilling our dreams!  In June, we have hosted a young adult retreat, a day-long goddess gathering, Luke’s 70th birthday celebration, and a men’s retreat.  In July we host a family reunion, some singing, and a bunch of nice folks for Floydfest.  In August we will stretch our creative wings with an ARTISTS EXPERIENCE ~ a weekend intensive with extended time over a two-week period possible ~ an immersion in co-creative and solo art creations with facilitation and instruction as desired by 3 artists-in-residence!  All this while expanding our edible landscape and permaculture gardens, and constructing an addition to one of our residences.

To sign up for some of the excitement, check out our individual event descriptions on this site, as well as our online google calendar!

In between, we’ve hosted a number of old friends, new guests, and solo retreats.

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