Internships Available!

Anahata is seeking interns to come participate in community life and work projects of all kinds.  We are a year-round internship and cultural exchange program!  Projects might include stonework, childcare, painting, carpentry, eventing, web/computer/publicity work, landscaping, beautification/artistry, garden and greenhouse work, building projects, guest hosting services, and other permaculture projects on the land.  Your skills, interests and ambitions will factor into the equation!  Collaboration, mentoring and support are amply provided.

Participants typically work a half a day (4 hours) in exchange for room and board.  Hours can be flexed.  We play on Sundays!  Local transportation can be provided.  Our interns may stay in our Bliss Cabin, a riverside tent, or another space in our buildings or on the land. You are then welcome to participate in community activities and events, Floyd area culture, swim or kayak on the river, etc.  We typically have potluck dinners and provide foods for you to prepare for breakfast and lunch.  We are part of Workaway.info and the WWOOF movement — World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming!

For more information and to start the communication process, contact Ashera at KathrynAshera@gmail.com or call 571-422-3024.



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