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community gardening

Anahata is a great place to do a work exchange. Stay in a lovely private space at Anahata and eat wonderful organic food in exchange for gardening, building, permaculture projects, guest and event hosting, artistic beautification, or other work.

WORK EXCHANGE PARTICIPATION: This is a short term residency for energetic individuals interested in making a difference at Anahata while learning more about community living. A person making this exchange would live at and participate in Anahata culture in exchange for an average of 5 hours of work per day, 30 hours per week (can be condensed with two days/weekends off) or another mutually agreed upon exchange. Participant will have a focused work commitment related to permaculture, green building, events, or another special project. One or two community mentors will act as a liason and provide direction or collaboration on projects. Attendance at community meetings, singing circles, classes, learning times, and community celebrations is strongly encouraged. The meal plan usually involves making one’s own breakfast and lunch, and participating in potluck dinners and Sunday morning brunch.

OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: We are open to creating a variety of service opportunities in collaboration with individuals or groups involving such things as alternative/green building, organic farming and permaculture, educational programming, wilderness skills, wildcrafting, etc.  All are welcome – students, corporate and non-profit groups, etc.!

Contact us for details! or 540-745-5800

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