Arts Immersion

Here are some images from 2018’s Summer Arts Immersion!

This summer of 2019, we plan to spread out

our arts experiences June through August in a more luxurious flow! 


Here are some of the projects and classes we have in mind. 

What else would you like to see us do?

  • Creating Sacred Environments ~ Converting an old donkey house into the Wisteria Meditation Sanctuary – sculpting interior walls with a cob/plaster mixture, adding sky murals, spiritual icons, embedding crystals, porticos/altars and stained glass; creating a bay picture window altar, hanging fairy lights and Moroccan lamps; adding pillows, cushions, bench – in other words, creating a meditation and retreat sanctuary for one or two individuals.
  • Sculpting with the Elements of Nature ~ continuing our theme of earth/rock/plant sculpting in our goddess and herb gardens.  Using stone pathways to create flow and ambiance.  Adding mosaic and painted murals.
  • Weaving with Grapevine ~ wreaths, arbors, fences, what else can we make?
  • Sacred Geometry Classes ~  3-D creations, coupled with sacred geometry qi gong and personalized take-home art.
  • Transformational Murals ~ we are ready to paint our camper, RV, outhouses, and outdoor walls with inspiring artistic images!  What would you like to paint?


art immersion (1)

Invite your inner artist to emerge more fully!


Monday, August 6th – Friday, August 17th


9:00 – 9:30 am at the Celebration Space


9:30 am – 10:00 am at the Celebration Space or Outdoors

Deepen your journey with centering, reflections,

connection and creativity igniters – open to all class participants!


10:00 am – 12:00 noon at the River Arts Studio

$15 drop-in fee per class


LUNCH 12:30

$10 for a delicious healthy lunch ~ with advance notice if possible, please!



2:00-5:00 pm at various locations on the Anahata land

$15 for use of the river studio and art materials

Continue the morning’s focus, pursue your own projects, or participate in a guided experience!



MORNING ART CLASSES ~ 10:00 am–12:00 noon

At the River Arts Studio at Anahata

Guided explorations ~ a different focus each day!

$15 drop-in fee per class

Monday, August 6th ~ Introduction: Setting Our Journey Into Motion– through movement, visualization and christening our very own art journal we will set sacred intention for our journey as artists – weaving nature, spirit, and personal expression!
Tuesday, August 7th ~ Watercolor Techniques with Jamielie Tarrago: Mixing, gradients, brush techniques, oriental brush strokes and more. Learn how to both control watercolor and allow it to do its magic!
Wednesday, August 8th ~ Landscape Sculpting with Zane Ancheta: create outdoor livingscapes with mounded chairs, benches and more by sculpting the earth. Bring gloves, old clothes!
Thursday, August 9th ~ DreamWeavings with Jen and Ashley – grapevine hoops, frames, twine, feathers and stones interweave to create sacred energy portals such as dreamcatchers!
Friday, August 10th ~ Di-Vine Creations! Sculpting with vine, wood, stone, wire and clay with Bradley Carter & Jamielie Tarrago:   Create a walking stick, abstract sculpture, or something else – perhaps adding beads, leather, wire and symbols
Saturday, August 11th ~ Abstract Color Exploration with Acrylics with Jamielie Tarrago: A dynamic exploration of color theory and design composition as well as practice in mixing tints, tones, and shades from pure colors as well as noticing the effect color has on perspective, dimension, and texture.  Artists will have one or two designs  to complete at home and more knowledge of design elements and principles.
Sunday, August 12th ~ Visionary Self-Portrait with Aaron Staengl: A mystical look at oneself and one’s life journey with symbolic images surrounding a self-portrait. Multi-media. Including Pencil, watercolor, collage


Monday, August 13th ~ Orgonite Creations with Patrice Good: Create your own sacred orgone generator in a sequenced process created by Willhelm Reich using four power ingredients – copper coils, quartz crystals, shaved metal and resin in the shape of your choice.   Results in a visually stunning handheld orgonite device that draws in energizing life force, creates a balancing and protective shield, and neutralizes negative energies such as electromagnetic frequencies. $20 fee includes materials
Tuesday, August 14th ~ Life Drawing with Zane Ancheta: Still life creations using pencil and charcoal.
Wednesday, August 15th ~ Ink Painting with Jamielie Tarrago: Explore dilutions, gradients, 3-D effects, using black India ink, brushes and found tools, such as feathers, flowers, sticks and leaves
Thursday, August 16th ~ Completion of Projects ~ Open Time
Friday, August 17th ~ Completion of Projects ~ Open Time
Saturday, August 18th ~ Living Gallery Appreciation Celebration! A reflective and empowering celebration of our artistic journey! We will move through the living gallery of our creations, appreciating each person’s growth, contributions and creations.








2:00-5:00 pm at various locations on the Anahata land

Continue the morning’s focus, pursue your own projects,

or participate in one of the following guided experiences!

$10 for lunch; $15 for use of studio & materials;

Tree of Life Mural(with Jamielie Tarrago & others) Paint a 6-foot tall ‘Tree of Life Mandala’ mural that will greet people as they arrive at Anahata.


Elements of Nature Landscape Art – Sculpt a multi-level magical oasis using earth, cement, clay, stone, plants, wood, water, and other natural elements – may include stone mosaics, driftwood borders, rock-wire sculptures, pathways, rustic seats (with Jamilie Tarrago, Garren Murdoch & others)


DreamWeavings – create woven outdoor masterpieces with branches, twine, vines, and more!


Rustic Creations with Bradley Carter and Garren Murdoch: Help make a vine and wood arbor, rustic fence sections, outdoor furniture and more with these creative craftsmen!


Sacred Geometry Yurt Art (with Jamielie Tarrago and others) Paint with golden lines of light as we continue to explore sacred geometric forms and symbols.


Tile Mosaic (with the team) Transform an ordinary cinderblock wall into a magical landscape with paint and tile mosaics!


Weekend Intensive ~ Thursday 4:00 pm, August 9th ~ Sunday 4:00 pm, August 12th

Extended Immersion ~ Sunday, August 5th ~ Saturday, August 18th

Held on the beautiful grounds of the Anahata Education Center in Floyd Virginia!  Our river kitchen/pavilion will become a studio, and the landscape and buildings our canvas!

  • Immerse in a variety of artistic modalities
  • Collaborate on several group projects/art installations on the land
  • Learn new modalities with the mentorship of artist-teachers
  • Deepen & Develop your skills & vision through individual pursuits
  • Bliss Out with yoga, dance, sacred sound, drum circles, and fun in-town excursions
  • Connect with other artists and your own inner artist!
  • Play in the serene forests, river, gardens and meadows of our nature sanctuary
  • Delight in freshly prepared, healthy meals and comfortable accommodations

In the chrysalis of nature,

in a supportive community of fellow artists,

kindle your creativity, invoke your dream-visions,

invite your inner artist to emerge more fully!


Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 9.57.18 AM.pngLeagh Anderson:  Instructed Drawing, Design, Fibers, and Sculpture at Penn State University, Montessori Schools, and K- 12 art education in Pennsylvania.   Having spent every day exploring outdoors as a child, she created S.E.E.D.S., a summer camp for 3rd through 8th graders combining art creation, outdoor exploration, and storytelling, as a reaction to the technology “take-over” of our children.   —B.S. in Education    —M. Ed. in Education (with focus on Art)  —M. A. (fibers, clay)

“Creating art has been an important method for focusing and being present.  When I’m painting, throwing a pot, or designing fiber art….or doing anything creative, I feel I’m most alive!  When I’m adding my ideas to group projects and working with others, I pick up on the energy of others and am “in my element” or as some call it “my happy place”!   I’ve had eight years of formal art education, but feel I would have had just as much fun and would be more spontaneous, if I had skipped the training and just made art.   One year ago, I began using watercolors and acrylics to paint surrealistic images of butterflies. I hope you will join the creative flow at Anahata Retreat Center as we work together outdoors and pursue art as a meditation and healing practice.”


Sandpainting is the art of pouring colored sands, and powdered pigments from minerals or crystals, or pigments from other natural or synthetic sources onto a surface to make a fixed, or unfixed sand painting.  Artists will explore this process inspired by natural or geometric lines and forms, and symbols that speak to you. Learn more about the sandpaintings created by the Navajos at


Color Exploration with Acrylics:   After exposure to color theory and realistic and abstract paintings by master painters, students will explore dynamic color combinations using nature (or artists preference) as subject matter.  Studio time will include practice mixing tints, tones, and shades from pure colors as well as noticing the effect color has on perspective, dimension, and texture.  Artists will have one or two designs  to complete at home and more knowledge of design elements and principles.


Twisted vine staff or walking stick:  A brief walk in our woods will help you locate your vine or stick, but feel free to bring a special piece of wood with you if you already have one.  In our studio by the creek, you’ll create a focal point with crystals,  clay beads, leather, and colorful symbols.
Full face mask:   Think Mardi Gras, Halloween, and Solstice parties!   The first step of our maskmaking process will begin with plaster gauze molded to your face, then, carefully removed before it’s completely dry.  The second step is more creative and playful…with options of paint, glitter, and feathers and much more to decorate it.

Jamielie Tarrago: Assisted in Instructing Fine Art Classes, and Drawing & Painting in the New York. Tarrago is an Abstract Expressionist based in Floyd, Virginia, originally from the Greater New York Area. Tarrago was introduced to painting in her early childhood, as a way to express herself in a latin community. Tarrago finds inspiration from sound and movement found in nature, and evokes emotion and adventure with her pieces; using a variety of mediums, and natural elements, she builds a variation of texture and saturation.


Techniques of Watercolor : You will learn different water painting techniques, you will have to decide where you will place each brushstroke of color and then let it do its magic. Watercolor is not a medium to be totally controlled and manipulated, and of course that is the very beauty of its quality.


Painting with Ink: A medium used for over 2,000 years, you will learn how to paint with ink, how to dilute it properly for shading effects, and how to create a 3 – Dimensional piece with one tone. We will experiment with different tools, including brushes, twigs, and nibs.


‘Stick’ Figures: While going a scenic walk, we will collect sticks, rocks, flowers, and more to create mini figurines. We will seek sticks and choose ones that will make an interesting torso, arms, and legs; trying to find sticks that have intriguing curves and perhaps knots for joints.  Then the fun starts!


WE ARE PLANNING A NUMBER OF GROUP OR SOLO PROJECTS that reflect our permaculture values by merging nature, sustainability, art and the sacred dimension.  Some of these will ‘live’ at Anahata as part of our nature/retreat/permaculture sanctuary:

  • Rose Heart Yurt 360° nature mural; interior sacred symbols
  • Tree of Life mandala mural
  • Outhouse Creativity Extravaganza ~ design & create 3 wild and crazy outhouses that will lead one to ecstatic elimination!  Perhaps enchanted woodland, royal rennaisance and cosmic night sky themes?
  • Weaving garden fence dreamcatcher & geometric design art with wire, crystals, beads and more




  • 8 – 9 am Optional Yoga/meditation at Celebration Space or river pavilion (weather dependent)
  • 9 am Breakfast & Group Connection
  • 10 am – 12 noon Specialized instruction and practice led by one of our artist-teachers
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 2 – 5 pm  Choice of mentored group projects, individual work, continuation of special projects
  • 6 pm Dinner


EVENING PROGRAMS (3-4 nights per week – other evenings on your own) fire circles, improvisational music-making, drumming, sacred sound in the yurt, inspiring movies, fun –in-town excursions, celebrations, connection experiences.

MEALS  3 mostly organic home-grown and locally grown whole foods meals per day – vegan/vegetarian/omni/gluten-free friendly.  In addition to having some fabulous chefs on staff, everyone will pitch in to help prepare and clean up our meals as a team effort!

ACCOMMODATIONS  We have some beautiful tenting spots alongside the river; a variety of semi-private cozy spaces with real beds; a rustic cabin; and a couple of private rooms.







Anahata Education Center/Artist’s Immersion, 144 Anahata Circle NE, Floyd VA 24091

3-Day Intensive Weekend || Camping

Enjoy the 3 Day Intensive Weekend and Camping outdoors by a beautiful river, or anywhere of your choice. Accommodations include an outdoor shower, river kitchen, and meals!




3-Day Intensive Weekend || Shared Room

Enjoy the 3 Day Intensive Weekend in a Shared Bedroom of your choice, in the Celebration Space. Accommodations include access to the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and meals.




3-Day Intensive Weekend || Private Room

Enjoy the 3 Day Intensive Weekend in a private room / studio apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and of course Wi-Fi Access. Food is also provided.




Daily Rate || Private Room




Daily Rate || Shared Room




Daily Rate || Camping




Daily Rate || Commuter



Daily rate includes your stay, 3 meals, full use of facilities, and co-creative program offerings!



Come for a day, a weekend, a week, or all 13 days!

Some work exchange scholarships may be available ~ please inquire!

or contact or call 571-422-3024

Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy.