Sacred River Gathering!

Sacred River, Sacred Earth, Sacred Life

A Weekend Immersion in Spirit & Nature

At the Anahata Riverfront

August 9 – 11, 2019


Yoga ~ Ecstatic Dance ~ Dances of Universal Peace

Nature Immersion ~ River Swims ~ Water Blessing

Fire Circle ~ Drumming ~ Song

Ritual ~ Art ~ Sacred Earth Keeper Vows ~ Native Wisdom

Sharing ~ Reflection ~ Meditation


A co-creative tribal flow with sharings from

Chandra Liz Chandler ~ water blessing, meditation, deep reflections

Leia Jones ~ yoga Katie Wells ~ conscious dance,

Kathryn Ashera Rose ~ Dances of Universal Peace,

Luke Staengl ~ songs & sharings,

Yameli Real ~ native wisdom,

Katie Lu Wryn Roberts ~ exquisite food & much more!


Adults only Friday  2 pm through Sunday 10 am

Children and partners may join us Sunday 11 – 2 pm, including lunch $20


Anahata is a serene riverside retreat & nature sanctuary

in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, Virginia.

River swims, kayaking, nature walks,

area hikes & Appalachian culture to explore.

Living in nature, camping encouraged,

air-conditioned indoor rooms available!


To register go to: /  571-422-3024