Awaken Your Magic – Reiki Training & Retreat

OCT 1-3, 2021


Awaken Your Magic

is for wombyn who are feeling the magnetic pull to heal humanity by using their body as a vessel to channel Universal life-force energy into places of dis-ease.

This is an embodied experience that will not only give you the tools and credentials to practice Holy Fire Reiki III, but to walk the Earth as the healer you were destined to be. 

I’m ready!

  • Do you feel an impulse to support a global shift in consciousness?
  • Have you experienced difficult initiations that allow you to deeply understand and empathize with others?
  • Do you feel most comfortable in life when you’re able to consistently submerge yourself in the natural world?
  • After spending time around others, do you find yourself desiring time alone to empty out and recharge?
  • Do you feel deeply connected to your emotions or consider yourself to be a highly-sensitive person?
  • Have you felt that it is your calling to ease the suffering of plants, animals, and people who are experiencing the effects of psychological, emotional, physical, or spiritual dis-ease?
  • Do you have vivid dreams?
  • Has there ever been a time in your life where you considered yourself “the black sheep?”
  • Do you find inspiration easily and enjoy the process of creating something new?
  • Is your “gut reaction” to things rarely ever wrong or hard to ignore?
  • Do you feel that your spiritual beliefs transcend politics and religion?
  • When someone else is in pain, do you empathically sense it in your body?
  • Do you desire to connect with people who think, act, and feel like you?

If these questions resonate deeply with you, then you have been called here for a reason!

Everything you have moved through has led you to this moment. I am being called!

Meet Your Reiki Masters

Ariana Khan

Ari’s current work is largely inspired by her strong ambition in assisting others in recognizing and owning their own power to self-heal. Receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an Addiction studies concentration, a Philosophy minor, and her current certification in substance abuse counseling, she plans to add to her academic landscape by beginning her master’s degree journey in Clinical Mental Health Counseling towards the second half of 2021. Ari is an advocate for integrative wellness, so as a Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher and a 200-hour yoga teacher, she continues her studies in Tantric Ayurveda, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Core Energetics (somatic modalities), trauma-informed mindfulness-based practices, breathwork, integration, psychedelic psychotherapy and indigenous plant medicines. Ari envisions a world where the whole person can be integrated into one’s own healing journey, leaving no fractal of their past experiences in the shadows.

The philosophies that Ari subscribes to are based in her personal experiences in life and the exploration of why and how we facilitate the lives that we do. She believes that by guiding one through the experience of the body, we can discover new ways of BEing in this world that are no longer counterproductive to our own healing. When we eliminate habitual holding patterns in the body, we are opening up our vessels to receiving clear messages and divinely guided life force energy.Grounding Light


As a Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Temple Body Artist, and a student of Vedic sciences & philosophies such as Ayurveda, Jyotish, and Vedic Counseling, Brēdevi’s highest intention is to be in service to the rise of The Divine Feminine. Her offerings, mentorship, and healing sessions are inspired by the path of the Tantrika and the embodiment of the Dakini.

“Magickal transformation emerges when a wombyn discovers empowerment through sexual sovereignty.”


Brēdevi gave birth to her business, Mystic Honey, in August 2020 after bringing her second daughter into 3D, traveling the around the Earth, and experiencing the mysticism that is innately alive within her womb. She believes that every human was brought in with a unique purpose that keeps the collective consciousness in perfect harmony. Her Mystic Honey offerings are to direct her clients into the remembrance of their soul’s mission and the omnipresent love of The Universe that often goes unseen. Mystic Honey

What will you receive?

  • 3 nights and 3 days at Anahata Intentional Community in Floyd, VA
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Holy Fire III Reiki 1 & 2 certifications
  • Learn womb healing techniques
  • Receive a yoni steam session
  • Participate in kundalini awakening practices
  • Daily morning cacao ceremonies
  • Ecstatic dance alchemy
  • Guided visualizations
  • Movement meditations
  • Embodiment practices
  • Daily asana practice
  • Qi gong with guest teacher, Ashera
  • Oracle Card Medicine
  • Integration Support

Life as we have always known it is evolving as prophesied by many cultures since the dawn of time. Your soul has chosen to incarnate in this body, during this lifetime for a reason. It is your responsibility to CLAIM your gifts! The new paradigm is here, and you have been chosen to support the birth of a new era with your healing abilities.

Sister, you are NOT alone!

This is a deeply transformational retreat that will support you as you say YES to your Divine purpose!

Let us RISE UP as a collective of Modern-Day, Embodied Medicine Wombyn! I’m ready!


Interweave The Goddess

Nov. 11-14 is the 4th Annual Fall Goddess Retreat with Katie Wells & Co.

Join a diverse circle of women who share the desire for deep connection with self, spirit, and supportive sisterhood.

Be seen! Be heard! Feel your sacred worthiness!

Bathed in acceptance we travel through seven group sessions that pair an archetypal goddess to each chakra. The effective curriculum offers a journey into ourselves, opening into intuition for wisdom and transformation. Chakras and goddesses are powerful entries into the body, psyche, and our inner divinity. They assist us in acknowledging and accepting our imbalances as we transform them into empowerment.

These effective sessions are held by experienced facilitators weaving yoga, dance, meditation, breathwork, partner work, group sharing circles, sound healing, journals, song, and self-care practices. 

Soak in the beauty of Anahata’s facility located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains along with one of the oldest rivers in the world. Enjoy the hot tub and trails. 

Center and restore before the holidays while gaining insights for moving into a fuller you. Explore an array of practices to carry you into the up-coming winter with self-reflection, self-compassion, and self-care. Come home to your body with more love. Be nourished by colorful healthy meals – you don’t have to cook for 3 days! Experience the life affirming potency of femininity and sisterhood. 


Katie Wells

Katie Wells

Katie Wells MFA, director of the Fall Goddess Retreat, guides movement experiences for embodied love, authentic expression, unknotting the psyche, and collective unity. She is a dance artist, embodiment facilitator, professor, and founder of Interweave Conscious Movement®. Influenced by somatics, Jungian psychology, and spirituality, Katie offers transformative courses, private sessions, and seasonal Goddess Retreats.

Wryn Magdalyn

Wryn’s deepest heart’s longing is to be of service to the divine in all beings by cultivating vibrant health and sharing her most sacred gifts: healing touch, devotional song, self-care practices and the teachings of yoga. She has received trainings in massage therapy, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda Wellness Counseling and Yoga Teacher Training.

Leia Jones

With a degree in Dance and Choreography from Hollins University, and a teaching certificate in Hatha Yoga, Leia’s personal practice is rooted in the unification of yoga and dance. Through this combination she brings mindfulness to movement inspiring us to quiet the mind, come deep into the body, and connect to our joyful-spirit. 

Ashera Rose

Ashera seeks to cultivate connection and beauty through the awakening of the heart, creative expression, and intergenerational community celebration. She is an interfaith minister, mentor teacher of the Dances of Universal Peace, author and teacher of art of peace curriculums, Reiki-Sound healing practitioner, Connection Practice Coach, and lifelong songstress and dancer. She currently is the Retreat Guide and Head Facilitator of retreats and events at Anahata Education Center. 


“I have never felt this embodied and it feels so good!” -Shimila K

“I experienced such profound breakthroughs, opened locked doors to my heart, and was bathed with loving support from attending goddesses. I feel cleansed and ready to continue my life’s work…” – Jessica Valles

“The facility was so beautiful and the grounds were kept natural and very healing. Meals were wonderful, fresh, nutritious, and so colorful.” –Valhalla Depillo

“I am an introvert and connecting with others can be stressful but also vital. Katie approached these meaningful interactions in a way that felt safe and did not overwhelm me.” – Rhiwena Slack

“This work changed my life!” – Leah Deluzio

Participant Interviews from the Fall Goddess Retreat 

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