Natural Movement Class

Wednesday 10-11:30am

Natural Movement is a practice that engages the most fundamental, evolutionary movements of human beings.

These are the human movement patterns that our species developed and mastered in our vast and diverse earth environment long before (like, millions of years before) working in fields and factories, playing golf, or practicing the asanas of yoga. These movements are still very much a part of us, we just need a little bit of reminding, guidance, and sometimes just permission to carry them out in our lives.

Yes! This means you get to crawl, climb, lift and carry, throw and catch, balance, jump, and roll. This is also a specific time to train and improve more obvious everyday movements like getting up and down off the ground, walking and running, carrying children (or adults, or firewood!), sleep postures, or how to sit on the ground in dozens of different ways.
Who is this for? This class is for anybody with a body and can be scaled to work with any injury, limitation, body-type, skill-set, or movement background.

Josh Braden
The class will be facilitated by Josh Braden. Josh has a Level II certification in the MovNat method and while he has been practicing natural movement since day 1 of life, he has studied it with great enthusiasm for the past 7 years.